crib exterior rendering
crib interior renering 1
crib interior renering 2

The Crib™ was designed in response to the popularity of another small building, the award-winning Shack at Hinkle Farm by Broadhurst Architects, Inc., a few years ago. Through the experience with that project it became apparent that many people share the dream of having a small refuge of their own.

The current interest in such small buildings, in simplicity, and the honorable, pervasive and growing interest in environmental responsibility have led to the design of this new small building, The Crib, that is a kit of parts made of sustainable and recyclable materials that is fabricated off site then transported and quickly assembled where desired.

The Crib takes its basic form from traditional American corn cribs which were common farm buildings that served to store and dry corn as well as protect it from rodents.

Here however, the form is realized in a somewhat more sophisticated manner by the use of a shop fabricated galvanized steel bent structural system as a nod to traditional wood timber framing and with the structural simplicity of a common scaffolding system. Manufactured wood beams connect the bents. Structural insulated panel (SIP) floor and roof systems, wall panels of unpainted heat-treated native (and fast growing) poplar and recyclable translucent insulating multi-layer polycarbonate sheets make up the structure's skin. The prefabricated wall panels are weather-stripped and clipped into the framework.

While we are no longer fabricating additional units ourselves, limited licenses of construction drawings are currently for sale so you can fabricate your own The Crib independently.